Robbery Offences

What To Do When Charged With A Robbery Offence

Robbery is different to burglary. Robbery is when you steal something using violence or threats of violence.

Robbery can become more serious if one or more of the circumstances of aggravation are present:

  • You were in company with other people
  • You caused bodily harm or injury to someone
  • You made threats to kill
  • The victim was over 60 years of age

Armed robbery is when you have a weapon when you commit the offence.  

The Prosecution must prove the following:

  1. That you stole something
  2. That before, during or after stealing it, you used violence or threatened violence against another person
  3. That the use or threat of violence was to obtain the stolen property, or to overcome the person preventing you from stealing the property

If you are charged with Armed Robbery, the prosecution will also have to prove that there was a dangerous weapon involved.

The police want to speak to me about a robbery offence. Do I have to speak to them?

Please click here to read about your rights when speaking to and being questioned by police.

What are the penalties for robbery?

For cases other than Armed Robbery, the maximum penalty is 14 years imprisonment, or 20 years imprisonment where there are circumstances of aggravation present.

Armed Robbery carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

What will happen in court?

Read more about what happens when going to court in WA.

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