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When you’re facing a charge, you need criminal defence lawyers in Perth that you can count on. 

Our top lawyers can help with different legal issues. These include drug charges, traffic offences, assault, fraud, theft, and sexual offences.

Our Perth criminal defence lawyers will support you through the entire court process and ensure you get a fair outcome.

Clients have numerous reasons for choosing to work with our team of criminal lawyers in Subiaco, including:

Quality legal advice you can afford.

Helping you get the best possible legal outcome is our priority. After your initial 15-minute meeting with us, we will develop a plan for your case. We will also inform you of the cost, learn more about our legal fees today.

We can provide legal advice with the best criminal defence lawyers in Perth.

Experienced defence lawyers.

Our Perth defence lawyers at Chambers Legal have over 20 years of combined experience. They have the expertise and skills required to handle your case successfully. See previous criminal law cases we’ve worked on.

Prompt service for peace of mind. 

Our Perth defence lawyers at our small firm are easy to reach and known for their quick and professional service. From the moment we start work on your case, you can rest assured we’re doing everything we can to keep it moving. Get to know our team of experienced defence lawyers.

Criminal defence lawyers who care.

You need not confront your criminal offence charges on your own. We believe that everyone deserves legal representation, and our lawyers will support you throughout the entire process. Learn more about what a defence lawyer can help with today.

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How Can Our Criminal Lawyers Help?

Traffic Law

Our legal representatives have experience with various traffic laws. The magistrates’ court typically handles traffic laws. We can assist with DUI charges, driving without a license, and other related criminal offences.

Getting accurate information from a qualified lawyer is crucial if you’re facing a criminal charge. Our lawyers can provide assistance with any traffic violations you may be facing.

Criminal Law

Our specialist criminal defence lawyers in Perth, WA can assist you in understanding your rights. If you face criminal charges or are currently under police investigation.

Many offences sit under criminal law including, restraining orders, drug offences, sexual offences, fraud offences and other legal matters.

We highly recommend you speak to a criminal lawyer regarding bail applications, formulating a sentence hearing and spent convictions.

Criminal Appeals

Our Perth lawyers will assist you if charged with a criminal offence. If you’ve already been through a trial and are considering appealing the outcome, contact us. Our legal services are available to achieve the best outcome.

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After a 3 year legal journey with Yasmin and Arina, I can vouch with confidence that Chambers Legal have the knowledge, patience, experience and connections to deal with the most difficult of matters. Thank you!
Yasmin and Arina both are careful and professional. The first time I got involved in the law, I was very desperate at that time. Thanks to the help from Yasmin and Arina for solving this problem. Recommend Chambers Legal to someone in need of legal help.
Chambers Legal - I could not recommend them enough. Affordable, professional and extremely personable. Yasmin and Arina outlined our case in detail and achieved the best possible outcome. We could not be happier and would not hesitate to use them again.
I was recommended by a friend and I was so impressed with Chambers Legal by far. They advised me so I understood the situation and the outcome that I could understand. They achieved the goal that was set, 10/10.

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