Case Studies

Not Guilty of Strangulation Charge

Despite the short time frame that this charge has been available, we have had countless clients who have been charged with what is commonly known as the “strangulation” charge.  This is a relatively serious charge, as reflected in the maximum penalties available...

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Sentence Appeal Successful

Sentence Appeal successful in getting client out of jail Our client was sentenced in the District Court to jail. We urgently lodged an appeal in the Supreme Court of Appeal, and got him out on bail, pending his appeal. He was released that same day. At his later...

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Act or Omission causing Bodily Harm Charge

Act or Omission causing Bodily Harm Facts amended to make the charge less serious Our client was charged with Act or omission causing bodily harm. We successfully negotiated the facts to include some facts our client says occurred, and to remove some facts our client...

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Indecent Assault Trial Win

Indecent Assault Trial Win – Not Guilty Our client was charged with indecent assault. Over a three day trial, we were able to convince the Magistrate that there was enough reasonable doubt to find our client not guilty. Due to the win, our client was able to get back...

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