There are a range of drug-related charges, including possession, selling, supplying, trafficking, cultivating, importing and manufacturing. Depending on the amount of the drug, and the type of drug, the penalties can range from a small fine, all the way up to life imprisonment. There can also be further consequences if you are declared a drug trafficker, as your property may be confiscated. You don’t need to face these charges alone.

Our lawyers at Chambers Legal are experienced in criminal defence law, including drug and drunk driving law. Find out more about which matters we can help you with and what to expect when we start working on your case.


Types of offences our drug charges lawyers can help with

The most common types of drugs that our Perth drug lawyers deal with include, but are not limited to, methamphetamine, cannabis, MDMA and cocaine.

If you are charged with possessing, selling, supplying, trafficking, cultivating, importing or manufacturing prohibited drugs, you can contact our drug lawyers to seek advice and representation.

There are particular amounts listed in the Misuse of Drugs Act 1981, which sets out whether there will be a presumption that you intended to sell or supply the drug, whether you are a drug trafficker, and which court your matter will ultimately be heard in.

For example, with methylamphetamine, if you are found in possession of 2 grams and above, it will be presumed that you intended to sell or supply the drug. If you are found in possession of 4 grams and above, the matter will be heard in the higher court, being the District Court. If you are found in possession of 28 grams or above, upon conviction, you will be declared a drug trafficker, which enables the State to confiscate your property and carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.


How our Perth drug lawyers will help you

Our criminal defence lawyers will be able to advise you on which court your matter will be heard in, the maximum penalty available, the likely penalty for your matter based on past experience and case law, what to do to mitigate your circumstances if you are pleading guilty, and advising you on the evidence and your prospects of success if you are pleading not guilty.

Our drug lawyers can undertake negotiations on your behalf if deemed suitable, such as to downgrade a charge or to make a plea offer.

If your matter is lower on the scale of seriousness, and you have no prior convictions, you may wish to apply for a spent conviction so that the conviction does not appear on your police clearance, and so that you do not have to disclose the conviction to any current or potential employers. Our drug lawyers can represent you for a spent conviction application.

Our drug lawyers can assist you in obtaining a good sentencing outcome, or to assist you in defending the charge at trial. We have access to some of Perth’s best barristers should your matter call for it.

Our drug lawyers have represented clients with drug charges from before they were charged, whilst the police were at their home undertaking a search warrant, whilst at the police station being questioned, after being charged, for an application for bail, for negotiations to amend or downgrade the charge, for negotiations for a plea offer, for a plea of guilty and sentencing, and for a plea of not guilty and trial, and for appeals against conviction and sentence.

It is important to engage a drug lawyer at an early stage (ideally as soon as you are aware that the police want to question you) so that we can advise you of your rights and a way forward for your matter.

Sentences of immediate imprisonment can be quite common for charges involving the sale or supply of prohibited drugs, so it is important that you engage a drug lawyer in Perth to best represent you in court.

Our drug lawyers are available morning, noon, and night to advise you, either face to face, over the phone, or by email. Speak to our Perth drug lawyers today on (08) 9500 8915 to discuss your drug charge or contact us here.